What Are The Names Of Vibrating Screen Parts?

Vibrating screen is a classic equipment in the screening industry, which is often used for the classification of ultra-fine materials. Because the high-frequency wave energy of the ultrasonic generator specially added to this equipment working on the screen surface can make materials pass through the screen screen faster and prevent blocking.

The main components and applications of ultrasonic vibrating screen are summarized below for customers’ reference. I hope it can provide good help to the manufacturer. Reduce equipment failures, improve production capacity and improve production efficiency.

Considering the name of the ultrasonic vibrating screen, ultrasonic is the first and foremost factor of its name. The wave energy generated by the ultrasonic generator works on the surface of the vibrating screen.

Components include power box, transducer, and data cable.

  1. The power box is also a controller

It can adjust the energy generated by ultrasound and the working mode. Among them, there are two working modes: “continuous” and “pulse”. It goes without saying that “continuous”. Wave energy is always generated, which is not suitable for special materials. Pulse operation refers to intermittent operation mode, which stops for 1 to 2 seconds every 2-3 seconds. There are few pulse users, and the “continuous” working mode is used for explanation.

There are 9 gears 1-9 for continuous operation. The proper gear should be selected according to the specific gravity, feeding amount and viscosity of the material, otherwise the wave energy will be insufficient or excessive. Insufficient wave energy will not cause damage to the ultrasonic shale shaker system. If the wave energy is too large for a long time, the power box will have wave generated and easily burn out the transducer and the main board of the power box.

  1. Transducer is also called converter

It refers to the main components of the ultrasonic shale shaker installed on the internal grid of the shale shaker. This part mainly converts the energy generated by the power box into wave energy that can work on the screen. The transducer is mainly composed of two ceramic chips. This component is involved in the vibration of the shale shaker, so the failure is relatively high. The shale shaker will not cause much problems for its smooth vibration. Please remove it and handle it with care to avoid damage to the internal ceramic chips.

  1. Data cable is also called connection cable

The data cable is used to provide the main connection between the power box and the transducer.

  1. Grid

The grid refers to the parts that erect and support the screen mesh. The grid on the ultrasonic vibrating screen is specially customized. There is a screw hole in the lower part of the grid to replace the ultrasonic transducer and fix it on the grid. The ultrasonic transducer must be fastened on the grid. The screen is fixed above the screen. The screen shall be bonded with “Red Star” 504 AB glue. Professional stretching work is required for operation.

  1. Vibration motor

The vibrating motor is the power source of the whole equipment and a relatively important part. If the ultrasonic vibrating screen does not have an ultrasonic system, it may have a little screening capacity. If there is no vibrating motor, the whole equipment will be a piece of iron, which will lose its value. There are many types of vibration motors, but the ultrasonic vibrating screen adopts vertical motor.

The centrifuge produced by the high-speed rotation of the upper and lower counterweights achieves the vibration effect. This movement requires very high requirements for the bearings, so the motor bearings must be regularly maintained and regularly oiled so that there is enough oil in the motor bearings.

  1. Screen

The screen mesh is determined according to the user. The mesh number is the standard of the screen mesh and the model of the screen mesh. The mesh can be as thin as a few microns or a few tenths of a micrometer. The mesh size of vibrating screen is generally up to 25 microns. Because the price of the 25 micron screen is relatively acceptable to the public manufacturers.

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