What Are The New Changes In TSX Vibrating Screen 2022?

TSX vibrating screen 2022 vibrating screen is the latest model, design and structure. Compared with previous products, TSX vibrating screen 2022 has longer service life, no maintenance and lower energy consumption. Although there seems to be no change in several parts of the TSX vibrating screen 2022, the details are even better.

All components of TSX vibrating screen 2022 screen body are processed by blasting and painting and all assembly surfaces are processed by waterproof sealing, which realizes the well by operation of screen in worse field.

The side plate of the body is welded seamlessly, and it is hydraulically tension and assembled with high-quality HUCK bolts to ensure that the overall structure is free of residual stress. A further machining processing on the assembly surface of exciter beam by CNC machine ensures a high assembly quality of screens. Cross beam was made by a special circle pipe to realize strong strength and light weight. The special polyurethane painting on the surface of cross beam the realize the erosion resistance and abrasion resistance.

TSX high efficiency vibration exciter adopts SKF special bearing, with the advantage of strong exciting force, lower noise and longer working life. SKF bearings and seals are used for drive system to realize strong drive power, strong structure, reliable operation and long working life. 

The technology of sieve plate is leading in China, with high opening rate, high screening efficiency, difficult plugging of screen gap, good dehydration and disinter mediation effect, and long service life.

In order to ensure the quality product, all screens must pass the static and dynamic tests by special instruments before delivery.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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