What Are The ossible Faults And Troubleshooting Methods During The Operation Of The Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is a vibrating machine that works on the principle of vibration and is widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical building materials, hydropower, coal and other industries.

At the same time, the materials on the vibrating surface are frequently affected by gravity, impact, friction and inertia forces. During the transportation of materials, various technological processes such as screening, sorting, grading, dehydration, desliming, disintermediation, cooling and drying can be effectively completed.

The commonly used types of vibrating screens (classified by motion mode) include linear vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, banana screen, arc screen and elliptical screen.

With the rapid development of the country in metallurgy, mining, chemical building materials, hydropower, coal and other industries, the requirements for the variety and quality of shale shakers are getting higher and higher, so that the development of shale shakers has improved to a new stage.

The following summary is made on the possible faults and troubleshooting methods during the operation of the shale shaker:

Fault 1: a. Torsional vibration of vibrating screen box b. Amplitude difference of four corners of shale shaker box is too large c. Lateral swing of shale shaker box

Main reasons: a. The phase of eccentric blocks of vibration motors on both sides is inconsistent b. The stiffness difference of four corner support springs is large

Solution: a. Adjust the eccentric blocks on both sides to make them completely symmetrical. b. Select supporting springs to make the stiffness on both sides consistent

Fault 2: Uneven vibration of vibrating screen box

Main reasons: a. Material blockage b. Sieve bearing wave load c. Supporting spring damage

Solution: a. Eliminate material blockage b. Make material feeding uniform c. Replace damaged spring

Fault 3: Vibration motor bearing is hot

Main causes: a. Lack of bearing oil b. Too much bearing oil c. Too small bearing clearance d. Bearing damage

Solution: a. Inject oil into the bearing b. Check the amount of bearing oil c. Change to large clearance bearing d. Replace the bearing

Fault 4: Abnormal noise of vibrating screen

Main causes: a. Bearing damage b. Loose screen box bolts c. Loose screen tension

Solution: a. Replace the bearing b. Tighten the loosened bolts for reinforcement c. Retighten the screen


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