What Are The Parameters Of TSX Vibrating Screen Equipment?

If you want to know more about the vibrating screen equipment, you must first understand the parameters of the vibrating screen equipment. How many parameters does the vibrating screen have?

  1. Amplitude of vibrating screen equipment

Larger amplitude and screen hole blockage will greatly reduce the material and also be conducive to delamination. When handling bulk materials, the amplitude range is generally 3.5-6mm.

  1. Vibration frequency

When the vibration frequency increases, it can increase the probability of screening materials, quantity and tempo to speed up the screening, improve the screening and screening efficiency, but it will help reduce the service life of the equipment.

  1. Vibration direction angle

The included angle between the surface of vibrating screen equipment and the ground is called vibration direction angle. The direction angle vibration value and the throwing distance of each movement are too short. Moving forward on the plane and slowly on the material surface can be fully screened to achieve higher efficiency.

The smaller the value of the vibration direction angle, the faster and higher the processing capacity of each casting, screening and material, but there is not enough material screening. Therefore, we should reasonably select the vibration direction angle, and adopt a larger angle for material and vibration direction angle for easy screening.

  1. Screen surface inclination angle α

When the angle becomes larger, the screen will increase the material strength and the moving speed of the material casting and screen surface, and improve the productivity. However, the material of the vibrating screen equipment surface will reduce the shortening of particles in time, thus reducing the screening efficiency of the screen.

On the contrary, increasing production capacity reduces screening efficiency. In order to achieve an ideal separation efficiency of the vibrating screen equipment, the angle should be controlled within the range of 5 ° – 25 °. Generally, the screen surface is inclined between 0 ° – 8 °.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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