What Are The Part Names Of The Exciter?

The vibrating screen following points shall be noted during the installation of the vibration exciter:

① The vibration exciter can be installed in the form of left drive or right drive according to the site.

② All parts shall be cleaned with gasoline before installation, and no hard knock or unusual force is allowed during installation.

③ All components must be installed in place, and the displacement between shafts of the exciter must be checked to ensure that it is 1-2mm, and the original bearing must be used together and must not be interchanged.

④ The radial clearance of the bearing is Grade C, generally between 0.1-0.2mm.

⑤ When installing the bearing, add a proper amount of lubricating grease (about 1/3-2/3 of the bearing space) into the bearing.

⑥ The thickness of the eccentric block or counterweight plate added to the eccentric block must be the same.

⑦ The connection between the intermediate shaft and the vibration exciters on both sides must be concentric and not too tight or loose to ensure that the axial movement of the bearing is unchanged (i.e. 1-2mm).

⑧ If the vibrating screen is installed and used more than half a year after arrival, the bearing in the vibrating screen shall be cleaned and replaced with oil.

Part 1, auxiliary eccentric block part 2, counterweight plate part 3, main eccentric block part 4, labyrinth gland part 5, spacer ring part 6, bearing seat part 7, rolling bearing part 8, bearing retainer part 9, bearing seat gland part 10, screen box plate part 11, high-strength bolt 12, nut

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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