What Are The Possible Trouble shooting During The Operation Of The Vibrating Screen?

Here are some possible causes:

  1. The exciting force is too strong (this is caused by the excessive power of the motor. We can ask the manufacturer when purchasing the vibrating screen to give a reasonable suggestion).
  2. The hardness of the damping spring is too high (this may be caused by the excessive hardness of the spring. At this time, we suggest replacing the high-quality damping spring).
  3. Installation problems (after eliminating the above two points, it may also be caused by uneven ground, so we should install the equipment on a level ground).
  4. The foundation bolts are loose (it is inevitable that the vibrating screen will become loose after a certain period of time, so we can check the tightening).
  5. Motor rotation (the motor rotation of the vibrating screen is installed at the factory, but it may be worn out due to some reasons, so it may also cause the screen machine to jump. At this time, we can adjust the corresponding parts

After using the vibrating screen  for a long time, the shaft of the vibrating screen  may be broken, unable to start, or the vibrating screen  may have large and unstable runout when starting.

  1. Excessive exciting force

The vibration motor provides excitation force for the equipment during operation. In order to increase screening output or accuracy, some customers may adjust the motor excitation force to exceed the rated range, which may also cause severe vibration of the vibrating screen .

Therefore, if you want to adjust the excitation force, you need to adjust it within the motor’s tolerance range. You can consult the manufacturer or ask the technician to recommend a reasonable model according to the material properties, screening requirements, output requirements and other factors.

  1. Excessive hardness of damping spring

The damping spring is used to connect the screen machine base and screen frame, and can also play a buffering role. If the spring hardness is too large, it may not achieve the buffering effect, causing the equipment to run out. Therefore, users can solve the problem caused by excessive spring hardness by selecting a better spring.

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