What Are The Problems Encountered By Some Vibrating Screens At Present?

Vibrating screen is a screening equipment, which has been applied in many industries. Now many traditional industries are facing transformation, and China is also facing professional transformation. If the transformation is successful, it will go to a higher level; If the transformation fails, there is no doubt that it may face a worse situation. The existing vibrating screen also has some problems to be solved.

  1. The replacement frequency of main parts is high. The main parts here refer to the screen frame, screen mesh, rubber strip and other vulnerable parts. If one of these parts has a problem, it will affect the entire operation of the shale shaker. Generally, the products with good quality work well in 3000 hours, and the overhaul period is about 2000 hours, which has a great relationship with the manufacturing process and material quality of the shale shaker.
  2. High noise. Due to the requirements of environmental protection, the vibrating screen manufacturer has tried to reduce the noise of the vibrating screen when producing the vibrating screen, but inevitably there will be some noise, because the vibrating screen wire works by exciting force. The noise of domestic vibrating screen tested is usually above 96 decibels, so it is difficult to find the abnormal sound of the equipment.
  3. Some vibrating screens have poor manufacturing process. The success of an equipment depends on design for seven points and manufacturing for three points. For vibrating screen, manufacturing may account for 50%. In this regard, the poor manufacturing process is generally reflected in many shortcomings, such as rough processing, rough edges, and uneven welding. This also affects the screening quality of the vibrating screen.

TSX vibrating screen uses finite element analysis method to make its structure reasonable, reduce resonance, light weight, strong strength, low noise, and long service life. The screen body is spray painted, waterproof, anti-corrosion and wear resistant. TSX vibration exciter also uses SKF special vibration bearing, which has large excitation force, low noise, and long service life. The design of the sieve plate is also China’s leading level, with high opening rate, difficult plugging of the screen gap, good dehydration and disintermediation effect, and longer service life.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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