What Are The Problems Of Vibrating Screen With TSX Vibrating Crack During Use?

According to the principle of fracture mechanics, bending fatigue occurs when the screen frame shakes during the working process of the vibrating screen, which easily leads to local deformation or vibration cracking of the screen frame, side plate, etc. There are several main reasons for the vibrating screen to crack during use:

  1. The damping spring fails

After long-term use, the spring is permanently deformed due to aging of rubber or long-term stress, which makes the spring invalid. As a result, the four groups of damping spring seats on the screen body of the shale shaker have different fulcrums, which leads to inconsistent amplitudes at various parts of the shale shaker, leading to vibration cracks at the connecting parts of the vibrating screen or welding seams of the connecting parts.

Solution: The damping spring should be checked regularly, and the spring material should generally be 60Si2MnA, and the heat treatment hardness should reach HRC45-50.

  1. The eccentric weight of the exciter is inappropriate

Improper eccentric wheel counterweight will also unbalance the amplitude of the vibrating screen; If the counterweight is increased too much, the amplitude will exceed the allowable value, which will cause the vibration crack at the connecting part of the shale shaker or the welding crater of the connecting piece.

Solution: according to the factory parameters of the shale shaker, set the eccentric counterweight in strict accordance with the standard, and conduct regular inspection.

  1. Thin sieve plate

The broken screen frame may also be the cause of the thin screen plate.

Solution: The best way to solve this problem is to properly thicken the side plate, or add additional plates locally to the side plate near the exciter to enhance the rigidity of the whole screen body.

Being familiar with the working principle, performance and common fault phenomena of the shale shaker, operating correctly and performing daily maintenance can effectively reduce the fault rate of the shale shaker, reduce the maintenance cost and labor intensity of maintenance personnel, and improve the work efficiency.

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