What Are The Purpose Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

TSX vibrating screen is used for desludging, desizing, dewatering, grading required for all kinds of vibrating screen, flaccid screen, circular vibrating screen, arc screen, centrifuge and other washing equipment. Vibrating screen is used in many places, most of the vibrating screen is used for material classification, and dewatering, widely used in construction, metallurgy, coal, ore and other industries, in order to improve the fineness and dryness of the material often use vibrating screen for classification, dewatering, in the coal industry also to be used for desliming, desulfurization.


TSX vibrating screen has a variety of types and uses, is a new, efficient screening equipment, not only can be used for mining ore can also be used in metallurgy, mining, construction and other industries, can be sieved materials, sieve impurities, filtering liquids, material dewatering and other functions is a low energy consumption, high efficiency, installation process fine products.
Banana sieve is widely used in coal and other industries, used for desliming, desmearing, grading, with stable, energy-saving, low noise, long life of screening efficiency; circular vibrating screen is suitable for conventional materials in the first and second classification, used in mining, building materials, energy, chemical industry; circular arc sieve, high frequency sieve is suitable for coal mine froth, coal slurry conveying process of dewatering desmearing, can also be used for non-coal fine sand dewatering.


Vibrating screen is the use of vibrating motor excitation principle, so that the material is thrown up on the screen surface, while forward for linear motion with a reasonable matching screen mesh so as to achieve the purpose of screening. Finally, the unqualified finished product will be sieved out, and the material with large water content will be dewatered, so as to achieve the purpose.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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