What Are The Reasons And Solutions For The TSX Vibrating Screen To Quit Working?

Vibrating screen is a widely used in construction, mining, coal industry, a large screening, dewatering tools, is an essential equipment in many factories, once the failure will affect the entire project operation process and production efficiency, so in the vibrating screen work suddenly stop working or failure will greatly affect the overall work, to find a solution, and repair is very important.

 If you encounter a vibrating screen suddenly stop working first of all to check the power supply, then that is to look at the source of oscillation, exciter, if the shaft of the two exciters are connected to present a problem, so that one of the exciter overrun or perhaps lag, the two exciters are not synchronized, sieve machine before and after the oscillation is out of tune, left and right to present significant oscillation, the occurrence of lateral side pendulum, and the screen frame occurs larger reciprocal distortion deformation, the beam constitutes serious damage.

Loose parts; Once the eccentric shaft fastening bushing is loose, it will lead to the eccentric shaft jamming, resulting in the equipment stopping. In addition, if other parts are loose, it will also affect the normal production operation. Therefore, during normal production, all parts should be checked in time to ensure that all parts are firmly installed.
Parts problems, loose eccentric shaft fastening bushing of vibration will cause the eccentric shaft to jam and lead to the equipment stopping, and the looseness of other parts will also make the vibrating screen stop working, so the vibrating screen should be checked regularly in normal times to eliminate hidden problems.
The working voltage should be checked regularly and adjusted in time to ensure that it meets the working voltage requirements of the equipment. Bearing maintenance: The normal operation of the linear vibrating dewatering screen will be affected by its bearings, so the maintenance of the bearings is very important. During the operation of the linear dewatering screen, attention should be paid to checking the use of the bearings. Otherwise, fracture will occur to affect the work of the vibrating screen.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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