What are the reasons for the failure of the TSX crusher vibrating screen bearing?

Crusher vibrating screen is made up of many parts, different parts have different functions, bearing is one of the key parts of crusher bearing failure will directly affect the use of the crusher, bearing is primarily driven equipment operation effect, if bearing problems, then will cause the equipment to normal operation, so be handled in a timely manner, Below I will explain to you what are the causes of bearing failure?

First of all, if the crusher vibrating screen bearing overload, will cause bearing lubrication film damage, caused the phenomenon of bearing wear, this principle may be because the wind leaf Angle adjustment is too large, rotating parts and still have the phenomenon of friction, drive belt too loose or too tight, bearing gap is too small, and the factors such as work time is too long.

There are also problems in lubrication. If the viscosity of lubricating oil is too high or too low in the process of maintenance, it will lead to impurities particles in lubricating oil, lubricating oil with water using oil emulsification and insufficient lubricating oil and other factors. These factors can also cause failure of bearings.

Crusher work hand and if unqualified parts and assembly parts quality is not appropriate, will cause the rolling element bearings and slide surface is rough, the phenomenon of low accuracy, oil bearing gap is too big, bearing and horizontal not vertical crusher, individual blades have wear phenomenon, bearing box fixed rickety and motor axis parallel to exceed bid.

In winter the weather is cold, if the bearing failure is likely caused by the casting, crusher vibrating screen frequent repair factor can cause bearing wear, cause rotational vibration and static parts wear, frequent maintenance will not only loss a lot of accessories, at the same time increase the labor intensity of maintenance workers, cause hidden trouble to safety.

For the crusher equipment, in order to ensure the long-term use of the bearing, it is necessary to timely maintain and maintain the equipment, add lubricating oil regularly, ensure the operation of the bearing, and maintain the frequency of the use of the equipment.

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