What Are The Sand Grading Vibration Screen Machine?

For the production of sand aggregates, screening is an indispensable link in the sand production line. The purpose of screening is to screen materials of different specifications. After the crushing equipment and sand making equipment crush sand, ore and other raw materials, they need to be screened by a vibrating screen to obtain suitable materials, so as to ensure the crushing demand of sand and gravel.

Among them, the TSX circular vibrating screen and the TSX horizontal screen are two commonly used equipment, and the following two equipments are introduced to you:

  1. TSX circular vibrating screen

When the circular vibrating screen is in operation, the eccentric mass in the vibrator will generate centrifugal force after rotation, so that the vibrator, screen box, etc. will make continuous circular or approximate circular motion, so it becomes a circular vibrating screen. With the vibration of the screen box, the material is continuously thrown on the screen surface, and then the material is layered and screened through to realize the screening effect.

The circular vibrating screen has reliable structure, strong and durable structure, strong excitation force, high screening efficiency, safe use, convenient maintenance and other advantages, and can be widely used in sand and gravel production, mining, building materials, energy and other industries.

  1. TSX horizontal vibrating screen

The horizontal vibrating screen plant is used in the mining industry. When the horizontal vibrating screen moves, the excitation force of the vibrating motor is used to throw the material on the screen and move forward in a straight line. Because the moving direction of the material is a straight line, it is called a horizontal vibrating screen. The material is evenly conveyed to the feed port of the vibrating screen by the feeder, and screened by multi-layer screens to produce various specifications of undersize and oversize, and then discharged from the respective discharge ports.

The horizontal vibrating screen has compact structure, stable operation, reasonable vibration parameters, high output, low energy consumption, high dehydration efficiency and screening efficiency, adopts closed structure, less dust pollution in the production process, automatic discharge, and is more suitable for assembly lines production work.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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