What Are The Spare Springs Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

(Pressure spring) is a wearing part that must be used on both linear screen and circular vibrating screen. When the equipment vibrates, it has good resilience, which can better make materials bounce on the screen surface for effective screening. The steel springs on the linear screen are hardened at high temperature, so they are durable and not easy to deform.

The springs on the circular vibration screen are all made of high-quality galvanized spring steel, which is not easy to rust, the elasticity is not easy to decay, and the service life is long. Vibrating spring is a kind of mechanical part that uses elasticity to work. It is generally made of spring steel. It is used to control the movement of parts, mitigate impact or vibration, store energy, measure force, etc. It is widely used in machines and instruments.

Damping spring The shock absorber is an elastic shock absorber that supports the rigid body and turns the vibration energy into heat energy. Our company mainly produces rubber shock absorber springs and composite shock absorber springs suitable for various types of vibration equipment. The damping compound spring is a cylindrical elastomer composed of metal spiral spring and rubber.

TSX vibrating screen is characterized by low noise, strong power, low energy consumption, long service life and maintenance free. The screen body of TSX vibrating screen is hydraulically pulled with HUCK bolts, and the side plates are welded seamlessly to reduce the problems that may occur with other shale shakers, such as cracking at the joints. TSX vibration exciter has high strength. It uses SKF special bolts to ensure smooth operation and long service life.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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