What Are The Structural Features And Advantages Of Double Shaft Linear Vibrating Screen?

Structural features and advantages of double shaft linear vibrating screen

The linear vibrating screen designed with double shafts is a large screening machine commonly used in industrial and mining industries compared with the vibrating screen of, it has the advantages of larger processing capacity, more solid structure, more reliable performance, etc. We all know that the design method of vibrating screen structure, technical level and equipment quality are directly related to the screening effect. Here we analyze the structural characteristics and design and use advantages of this series of screen machines.

  1. Structural characteristics of vibrating screen:

The linear vibrating screen designed in the form of two shafts is a screening machine with box type vibrator structure. The direction of the exciting force and water flatten to 45 degrees. The box type vibration exciter has a compact structure. Two vibration exciters are installed on a double shaft linear vibration screen,the eccentric block of the vibration exciter is arranged outside the box to ensure that the rotation direction of the two pairs of eccentric blocks is opposite, so as to make the screen box perform linear reciprocating motion.

This series of linear shale shakers with double shafts can be designed according to the user’s requirements for space on the site, such as seat type or hanging type installation. This series of double shaft vibrating screen can also be used for slurry dehydration, desliming and other operations in industrial, mining, coal and other industries.

2.The linear vibrating screen exciter produces high-frequency vibration, and the material ejection angle on the screen surface is 45 °, and the material is being thrown

When it is loosened, water and particles smaller than the sieve mesh pass through the sieve when it collides with the sieve surface, so as to achieve dehydration, desliming, disintermediation and classification. Vibrating screens in this way are often used by the coal industry to dewater raw coal.

Generally, there are two types of vibrators for linear vibrating screen. One is to use two vibrating motors to vibrate the motor is designed on the upper part of the screen box; The other is to adopt the form of double motor driven vibration exciter, which is to the vibrator is designed on the upper part of the screen box.

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