What Are The Structural Principles Of Vibrating Screen?

1. Motor base:

The motor base is mainly used to install the vibration exciter. Before use, it is necessary to tighten the connecting screws. This is the unique feature of the newly purchased linear Vibrating Screen, which should be tightened repeatedly to avoid the event caused by equipment loosening.

2. Damping spring:

The damping spring can avoid transmitting vibrating screen the ground, thus causing abnormal vibration of equipment.

The screen box of the vibrating screen is laid with screen mesh. The screen box is suspended by a suspension spring. The screen box is placed on a rigid support. The bearing of the transmission shaft is fixed on the screen box. The bearing center is in line with the belt pulley center. An eccentric counterweight is hung on the rotary table of the transmission shaft. When the motor drives the transmission shaft through the belt, the screen box will produce circumferential vibration due to the inertia force of the eccentric counterweight..

Advantages and disadvantages of vibrating screen


The pure vibrating screen has a simple structure, and the inertia force when the screen box vibrates is eliminated by the spring, which is difficult to transfer to the screen frame. This is the advantage of inertial vibrating screen.


The amplitude of the screen box varies with the load on the screen surface. When the feeding is uneven each time, the load on the screen surface is too large, and the amplitude is reduced, which leads to screen hole blockage and affects the screening efficiency. In addition, when working, the belt pulley also vibrates with the screen box, making the belt continuously jump. Not only is the belt easy to loosen and damage, but also the motor shaft is impacted, affecting the service life. Therefore, the amplitude of the pure vibrating screen is very small. The above are the disadvantages of pure vibrating screen.

Practical Application of Vibrating Screen

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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