What Are The technical Characteristics Of The TSX Granular Banana Screen?

TSX banana screen, named after its resemblance to a banana, banana screen is generally suitable for dry and wet screening of coal or minerals of similar density as well as coal dewatering, demising and desliming operations. It can basically meet the production needs of all kinds of mines and coal processing plants.

1, TSX banana screen for different material characteristics, the use of different vibration parameters, the number of segments and screen inclination, screen inclination over gentle, the number of screen segments 4 to 7 broken, can ensure the best screening process effect. At the same time, the gentle inclination and the high number of segments help to improve the life of the screen surface.

2, TSX banana screen material flow rate, thin material layer, large handling capacity, can basically solve the problem of wet pulverized coal adhering to the screen surface and plugging holes, weak for dry coal screening, classification under the line up to 6MM.

3、The lower beam supporting the screen surface is made of special I-beam, and the key parts are connected with torsion-shear type high-strength bolts for reliable connection and convenient maintenance.

4, TSX banana screen with sufficient strength, rigidity, and length of feeding box, to prevent large pieces of material impact or improper design of the feeding chute, resulting in large pieces of material directly into the screen surface, resulting in premature damage to the screen surface.

  1. The lower part of the sieve body adopts steel spiral springs to reduce the load of the sifter on the foundation to a limited extent.

Before installation, check that the parts are intact and complete, and carry out a comprehensive cleaning inspection of the sieve machine installation base..

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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