What Are The Technical Specifications Of Vibrating Screen?

As the main part of the vibrating screen, the type selection, design and installation methods of the vibrating screen directly affect the service life of the screen, and also seriously affect the screening effect of the vibrating screen. In addition, the vibration source of the vibrating screen can be used with VB series vibration motor, VBE series vibration motor, VBB series vibration motor and VBCB side plate vibration motor.

See the following table for the technical standards for common vibrating screen surface

The user’s technical requirements for screening are the basis for the design and selection of the vibrating screen surface. According to the user’s different requirements, select the appropriate technical parameters of the vibrating screen surface, including the screen hole, material, structural form, installation method, etc.

1、 Fixing method of woven screen:

1.1 Design of hook plate structure on both sides

1.1.1 The installation drawing of screen with screen surface width B < 1800 is as follows:

The design specifications of each part in the drawing are as follows:

No. 1 tensioning bolt, M12, 70~80mm long, performance grade 8.8, equipped with nut and spring washer;

No. 2 tensioning plate, made of Q234B or Q355B, with a thickness of 5~6mm, can be tensioned in sections according to the length of screen surface. In the principle of not interfering with the rib plate on the side plate during installation, the distance between the installation holes on the side plate shall be selected within 200~300mm, and its section structure is as follows:;

The No. 3 braided screen mesh can be ordered in sections according to the length of screen surface. Each section of screen surface has 30-50mm overlap at the front end of the logistics direction. The section diagram of ordering is as follows:

The hooks at both ends of the screen mesh can adopt hook structure (applicable to wire diameter ≥ 4mm), edging structure (applicable to wire diameter ≤ 6mm), hook plate press mounting structure (applicable to wire diameter < 4mm, and compression screw spacing 120-180mm) according to the different wire diameters of the woven mesh. The structure diagrams are as follows:

According to the different screening requirements, the service life of the screen mesh, screen materials can be selected: ordinary carbon steel wire, wear-resistant spring steel wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire and synthetic fiber;

According to the grading particle size, screening efficiency and material characteristics, the shape of metal screen mesh can be selected: square hole, long hole, diamond anti blocking screen hole, corrugated hole, isosceles triangle anti blocking hole, etc;


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