What Are The Traditional Advantages Of TSX Circular Vibrating Screen?

1, vibrating screen machine high efficiency, light quality, complete and diverse series, many levels, for dry material screening can meet the needs.

2, simple structure, convenient dismantling screen surface.

3, screening per ton of material consumption of less energy

4, the structure of circular vibrating screen is relatively simple, disassembling screen surface is also more convenient.

5, the use of simplified eccentric shaft shaker and partial block to adjust the amplitude, maintenance is more convenient, the use of life is also relatively long, not easy to block, this is the best of the circular shaker.

Produces vibrations that approximate circular trajectories.

On processing capacity, high efficiency, to drive the sieve machine adopts disc coupling and flexible disc coupling, vibrator adopts eccentric block type structure, can choose to form a complete set of container, increase the effective screening area, prolong the service life of feed end screen, transmission part increased the middle transition bearing seat, effectively protect the life of the motor, sieve machine for a type of installation, The material stuck in the mesh will jump out through vibration to prevent the blockage of the mesh; High screening efficiency

Circular vibrating screen trajectory assumes the circular, is specially designed for quarry screening material stone, using range is wide, for coal preparation, ore dressing, building materials, electric power, food industry, pollution treatment industry and department for product classification, such as advanced structure, strong exciting force, vibration noise, easy maintenance, strong and durable.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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