What Are The TSX Vibrating Screen And Trommel?

Roller screen and vibrating screen are both screening equipment, so they are sometimes compared. Who has the largest output? Who can use it well? Let’s have a comparison.

Which one has the largest output, roller screen or vibrating screen

  1. Output of rotary screen

The diameter of the screen barrel is 1000-2200 mm, and the length of the screen barrel is 1500-6500 mm.

  1. The linear vibrating screen has 1-5 layers to choose from, which can divide the material screen into different grades. The mesh size of the screen is 2-200m, the number of vibrations is 960, and the double amplitude. However, compared with the circular vibrating screen, the processing capacity is not large, and the output per hour is only 0.12-20 tons.

The circular vibrating screen can be divided into light and heavy ones, that is, single layer and double layer. When the feed particle size is less than 200 mm, the processing capacity per hour is 220-450 tons; When the feed particle size is less than 400mm, the processing capacity per hour is 450-600t.

  1. Summary

In this way, the output of the roller screen method is higher. However, it should be remembered that although the output of the roller screen is large, the screening accuracy is not as large as that of the vibrating screen, and it can not screen at multiple stages like the vibrating screen, which is more suitable for screening materials with single particle size requirements.

Which is easier to use: roller screen or vibrating screen

  1. Advantages of drum screen

The special screening method of the roller screen makes it difficult for the materials to block the screen during screening, so as to ensure smooth screening without stopping for cleaning.

  1. Advantages of vibrating screen

The vibrating screen can use double vibrators to provide vibration force. The design of multi-layer screen enables the vibrating screen to screen materials at multiple levels at the same time, simplifying the screening steps and improving the screening efficiency.

The vibrating screen has simple structure, convenient maintenance, convenient removal of screen surface, and time-saving replacement.

To sum up, it is really difficult to compare the output of roller screen and vibrating screen. If you want to know who is better, you can only see which screen your materials are more suitable for!


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