What Are The TSX Vibrating Screen Components?

Vibrating screen can be widely used for screening materials in food, medicine, chemical industry, metal metallurgy, ceramics and other industries.The vibrating screen structure is composed of four parts: high-frequency vibrating motor, primary fixed grid screen and secondary fixed grid screen, vibrating spring and casing. Spring components are used to support or hang the screen box, and the vibration of the screen box depends on the vibration exciter.

Vibrating screen is an elastic vibration system, and its amplitude can be changed due to the influence of feeding amount and other dynamic factors. The vibrating screen is characterized by high frequency and small amplitude. The screen surface gradient is in inverse proportion to the screening rate. The larger the screen surface gradient is, the faster the flow speed will be. The material will jump on the screen surface, so the productivity and screening efficiency are high. Vibrating screen is applicable to various screening operations in coal preparation plant, with many types.

  1. The round vibrating screen with vibrator includes pure vibrating vibrator, bearing eccentric vibrator and belt pulley eccentric self centering vibrator. Because the latter can simplify the structure of vibrating screen, make it easy to manufacture and have a long service life, it has been widely used in practice. The linear vibrating screen has two types of vibrators: box type and barrel type.

However, some new vibrators can make the vibrating screen move in a straight line or a circle as long as they are slightly adjusted in structure, which can be called dual-use vibrators. The resonance screen is composed of two nearly equal vibration masses. These vibrators will be detailed below. In addition, there is a simple alum vibrator, which is composed of an eccentric block directly mounted on the motor and is called a vibration motor. It can be directly installed on the screen box without driving device. Vibration motor has been developed since the end of 1980s and has been used in small and medium-sized screening equipment.

2.The screen surface and its fastening device have been described previously.     

3.Transmission device The vibrating screen generally adopts a V-belt transmission device, which has a simple structure and can choose the rotation speed of the vibrator at will, but the belt is easy to slip during operation, resulting in screen hole blockage.

4.Vibration isolation device The commonly used vibration isolation devices of vibrating screen include coil spring, plate spring and rubber spring. The coil spring is compact in structure and small in overall dimension, and the obtained stiffness is very small, with good vibration attenuation performance. It does not need fasteners and works reliably

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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