What Are The TSX Vibrating Screen Functions?

Compared with the past only large heavy industry to use the vibrating screen, now more and more small and medium-sized production enterprises also began to use the vibrating screen for fine operation, as an important process in the production line.

Vibrating screen equipment refers to the material screening equipment in the production line, as a more important mechanical equipment in the production line, vibrating screen equipment has a lot of functions, small make up the following brief introduction, vibrating screen equipment mainly has what role?

  1. The role of screening materials

For some complex production activities, the production line involved in more than one kind of material, in order to distinguish the material, vibrating screen equipment configured with 60-400 mesh screen, can be easily screened out the material respectively, and then classified or deep processing.

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

  1. The function of screening impurities

 The main unqualified finished products should be screened out, including too light or too heavy products, and the finished products with a higher qualified rate can be obtained, so that the quality of products can be controlled.

  1. The role of material classification

Some production lines in the particle size of the material is not the same, particle size is very different, the use of vibrating screen equipment can be classified material, according to the particle size of the screen to different next stage of the production line, the highest can be divided into 6 levels.

  1. The function of filtration liquid

In addition to the special vibrating screen equipment of stone factory, there are other kinds of vibrating screen equipment, such as the equipment that can play the role of filtration, the material in the liquid can be filtered out, and then the next step.

  1. The effect of material dehydration

For mud content, moisture content of the material, can use vibrating screen equipment to achieve material desliming, dehydration treatment, an hour can reach 16-18 tons, but this treatment can be achieved using special vibrating screen equipment.

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TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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