What Are The TSX Vibrating Screen Problems Distributed?

Solution for fault diagnosis of vibrating screen

In order to meet the needs of market economy, Wuhan Zhongyun Kangchong Technology Co., Ltd. studies the early fault diagnosis and maintenance and repair mode based on real-time online monitoring of vibrating screen equipment status to replace the traditional maintenance strategy, so as to provide maintenance reference when the fault trend of shale shaker equipment is formed, realize the pre inspection and pre repair of equipment in the whole process, and avoid incalculable economic losses for enterprises.

Working principle, structure, common fault types and treatment of vibrating screen

Abnormal vibration monitoring of screen box

For the abnormal vibration of the screen box caused by the support spring, it is often impossible to directly determine whether it affects the normal operation of the screen box by detecting its stiffness and testing its static characteristic parameters. Therefore, acceleration sensors are selected to collect the acceleration signals at the four spring seats of the screen box, and their strong eigenvalues are obtained through algorithms.

Based on the extracted strong eigenvalues, the mapping relationship between the strong eigenvalues and the common abnormal states is analyzed, so as to realize the diagnosis of the operating state of the shale shaker. Common abnormal states of shale shaker include yaw, sway, yaw, torsional vibration, resonance, structural damage, etc.

 Bearing of vibrating screen is heated

Generally, the bearing temperature shall be kept within the range of 35~60 ℃ during the trial run and normal operation of the shale shaker. If the temperature exceeds this value, cooling treatment shall be carried out.

Too small radial clearance of the shale shaker bearing will cause excessive wear and temperature rise of the bearing, mainly because the bearing carries a large load with a high frequency and the load is always changing.

Solution: It is recommended to use large clearance for the bearing.

This situation indicates that the normal maintenance is not up to date, and the bearing lacks lubricating grease.

① The mesh may be blocked, the fines and moisture in the materials entering the screen increase, which makes the material layer on the screen too thick and the feeding uneven;

② Both sides of the screen may not be tightly pulled;

③ If the shaft vibrates eccentrically, the belt may be too weak and loose during dragging. In addition to tightening the bolts, two 6m/m small holes must be drilled at both ends to repair the wall plate cracks, In order to prevent the crack from extending, don’t forget to make several air vents on the reinforcing plate when repairing the reinforcing plate.

Excessive noise of circular vibrating screen

It may be that the bearing is damaged, the bolt is loose, the beam is broken and the spring is damaged.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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