What Are The TSX Vibrating Screen Questions ?

Vibrating screen is a common equipment in mines, and it is fragile equipment.

  1. If the screening effect is poor, the following 10 aspects should be checked and repaired

(1) High moisture content of raw materials

(2) Uneven screening feeding

(3) Tilt angle can be adjusted for vibrating screen

(4) Adjust the feeding amount

(5) Reduce the feeding amount

(6) Straighten screen

  1. The rotation number of the sieve is not enough. The drive belt is too loose and tensioned.

(1) Bearing is short of oil

(2) Dirty bearing

(3) Too much oil is injected into the bearing or the oil quality does not meet the requirements

  1. The heavy blocks on the flywheel of the screening machine with weak vibration force are installed incorrectly or the position of the heavy blocks on the flywheel is adjusted too lightly or the counterweight is increased; The screen box vibration is too large and the eccentricity is different. Find the balance of the screen machine; The screen main shaft can not rotate, and the seal sleeve plugs the cleaning seal bearing; If the sound of the screening machine is abnormal during operation, the following 10 aspects should be checked and maintained:

(1) Bearing wear

(2) Screen mesh not tensioned

(3) Loose fixing bearing bolts

(4) Replace bearing

(5) Straighten screen

(5) Tighten the bolts

(7) Replace the spring

(8) Replace the gear

Weekly inspection, monthly inspection and annual inspection shall be carried out. This will extend the life of the sieve!

Monthly inspection

Check whether the screen frame component itself or the welding part has cracks. If there are cracks, the surface shall be cleaned. Drill holes at crack ends Φ 5 mm. The groove shall be chipped out and preheated before repair welding. The penetration shall be ensured. After welding, the weld shall be ground flat, and then the reinforcement plate shall be added.

When disassembling, pay attention to making the same mark on the inner ring of the bearing and the bearing body, and strictly prevent the inner ring from being mistaken with the original bearing during assembly after cleaning, so as to keep the original clearance of the bearing. If bearing pitting is found, replace the complete set of bearings.

  1. The oil shall be changed after 40 hours of initial operation. The oil change cycle is 120 hours in normal use.
  2. The oil filling quantity can refer to the vibrator oil filling gauge. The lubricating oil is GB13895-1992 heavy load vehicle gear oil with the brand of GL-5.
  3. Inject GB7324-1994 general lithium base grease into the labyrinth groove between the vibrator seal plate and the isolation ring. The brand of the grease is No. 3. During grease injection, aim the grease gun at the oil cup and inject grease every 15 days. Inject 50-100ml at each point.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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