What Are The TSX Vibrating Screen Spare Parts?

We all know that vibrating screens are used in all walks of life. Food, pharmacy, metallurgy and mineral processing are available in various models from large to small, and there are also many different models of its accessories. Today, Xinsiman will explain the accessories of vibrating screens to you, hoping to help you.

1:  There are two types of vibration motors: vertical type and horizontal type. They have different power and are used on different vibrating screen equipment.

2: Screen frame and screen mesh. The screen frame is divided into different diameters and sizes, the screen mesh is divided into different meshes, and the degree of subdivision is different

3:  Ultrasonic system, ultrasonic transducer used in ultrasonic vibrating screen.

4: There are two types of ultrasonic transducers, internal and external.

5: Punch plate and tie ring.

6: The rubber strip is divided into big V and small U, and the bouncing ball is divided into silicone and rubber materials.

  1. 1. Polyester sieve plate

What are the main accessories of vibrating screen? What is the function?

Polyester sieve plate is a high-strength composite screen, which belongs to the technical field of screening equipment and is used to solve the problems of low strength and short service life of ordinary screen. The improvement is that the mesh is a metal wire mesh and the supporting mesh is a polyurethane supporting mesh.

The polyurethane supporting mesh is located under the metal wire mesh, and it is a lattice with vertical and horizontal intersections. The warp and weft strips are composed of a steel wire core and a polyurethane surface layer. The improvement endows the utility model with excellent performance different from the ordinary metal screen.

  1. 2. Punching plate

What are the main accessories of vibrating screen? What is the function?

The above are some common vibrating screen accessories. In addition, there are rubber strips, springs, silica gel soft connections, silica gel balls, silica gel sealing strips, control cabinets, cross braces, etc. When you purchase, general manufacturers will introduce you in detail.

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