What Are The Types Of Coal Machine Vibrating Screens?

Vibrating screen is a professional equipment for mining, aggregate and other screening processes. Its screen hole size ranges from 0.15 to 150mm. It can not only be used for screening coarse, medium and fine particles, but also for separation operations such as dehydration and desliming. . The vibrating screen also has high production capacity and screening efficiency, which can be as high as 98%, so most mineral processing plants generally use vibrating screens for screening operations. There are many types of screening machines

  1. Horizontal vibrating screen

Compared with the circular vibrating screen, the horizontal vibrating screen has lower screening efficiency, and its motion trajectory is a straight line, which is more suitable for small-scale mining or screening of finer materials. It is widely used in coal, metallurgy, light industry and other industries, and can carry out dry and wet classification or dehydration function for medium and fine materials.

  1. Banana vibrating screen

Banana sieve is a kind of large and medium-sized screening equipment. Its trajectory is elliptical, and the screen surface has a large inclination angle of 20° when installed.

High screening efficiency, low power consumption, high vibration intensity (9-12mm), simple operation and easy maintenance. It is more suitable for screening medium and small particle materials such as stone, burnt limestone, crushed agglomerate, gravel, etc. The feed particle size does not exceed 300mm, and the hourly production capacity does not exceed 1500t.

At present, there are many manufacturers producing stone vibrating screens on the market. It is not easy to say which manufacturer has the best quality. This can only be known by going to the site for inspection and comparison. After all, no matter what equipment you buy, it is always right to shop around. . Welcome everyone to visit China TSX Group.

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