What Are The Types Of TSX Vibrating Screens Mining?

There are many types of vibrating screens and there are many uses. Among them, the vibrating screen used in mining is a commonly used type of vibrating screen. The mining vibrating screen provides accurate and high-speed vibration in the mining industry to screen and separate minerals.Consists of a screen and a drive system that separates the fine particles from the coarse ones.

Mining vibrating screens include the following types: ZSG mining vibrating screens, circular vibrating screens, trommel screens, dewatering screens, each screen type is designated for a specific purpose and application, TSX provides circular vibrating screens, banana screens, linear screens , Curved screen, relaxation screen, high frequency screen can dehydrate and classify mineral materials.

Mining vibrating screen is a process for improving mining materials by separating materials of different sizes and removing the dust of mining materials from unwanted undersized particles.Dewatering screen is a special equipment for coal slurry dewatering operation, which can be used in coal industry and coal processing plant for pulverized coal dewatering, coal slurry separation, commonly used in coal processing, mineral processing and other industries for dewatering, desizing, desliming.

For sieving in coal mines the process is usually done with a sieving machine which consists of a motor that generates vibration, a sieve for separating the material and a platform that transmits the vibration from the motor to the sieve and holds the motor and sieve in place. There are single-layer, double-layer, three-layer, etc., depending on the number of screens it can hold and the needs of customers.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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