What Are The Types Of Vibrating Gold Sieves?

Vibrating screen is a general term for a type of equipment that uses vibration to separate materials according to particle size.

TSX company’s products are oriented to the international and domestic markets, and provide the bulk material industry with: various vibrating screens, relaxation screens, circular vibrating screens, curved screens, and centrifuges for desliming, de-intermediation, dehydration, and classification. Wait for washing equipment. It also provides processing of spare parts for imported coal preparation equipment, replacement of main components and overhaul of equipment for large domestic coal groups.

Speaking of vibrating screens for sieving stones/sieving various mining industries, many people in the industry must be familiar with it. Almost every sand and gravel production line will be equipped with one or more sets. With the continuous expansion of the sand making industry, the demand for vibrating screens is also increasing. In line with the needs of the industry, there are more and more types and manufacturers of vibrating screens on the market. So, which manufacturers produce vibrating screens with better quality? It is recommended that you choose TSX company.

The vibrating screen has a wide range of applications, not only for screening materials of various particle sizes, but also for desliming, dehydration, etc.; and the screening efficiency is very high, which can be as high as 95%. Next, I will introduce some of the more commonly used vibrating screens.

Circular vibrating screen-Generally, several layers of screens can produce several finished products. Circular vibrating screen uses eccentric block as the exciting force (its exciting force is relatively strong), and then makes a circular motion, so the screening efficiency is very high. It is more suitable for screening sand and gravel in large quarries, and can also be used for screening Coal, mineral processing, electric power, chemical industry and some other industries. When the circular vibrating screen is in operation, the vibrating screen in the screen box is very strong, so it is rare for materials to block the screen holes.

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TSX Screen

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