What Are The Types Of Vibrating Screen Deck ?

There are many types of vibrating screen deck, including bar-shaped  vibrating screen deck, which are composed of a group of steel bars installed in parallel. The cross-sectional shapes of the steel bars are round, trapezoidal and rectangular. The characteristic is that the opening rate is generally 50% to 60%, and the highest is 80%.

The high-frequency tuning fork bar can speed up the advancement of the material, the penetration rate is high, and the material is not easy to block. Mainly used in fixed screens and heavy-duty vibrating screens, ideal for viscous or fibrous materials. There is also a slotted sieve plate.

The slotted vibrating screen deck is composed of a sieve surface, a strip or transverse branches and a frame, and its structural forms include strip type, welding type and weaving type. The characteristics are that the opening rate is high, the screen holes are not easy to be blocked; the hardness is low, and the service life is short.

It is used for dehydration, de-intermediation and desliming of various linear screens and coal slime curved screens. Stainless steel punching deck, stainless steel punching deck is made by punching, shearing or punching of steel plates of various materials. The characteristic is that the mesh surface is flat, smooth, beautiful, sturdy and durable. It is stamped and extended from stainless steel plate/titanium plate/copper plate.

According to the particle size of the material to be sieved and the technological requirements of the screening operation, the vibrating screen deck can generally be divided into rod sieve plates, punching sieve plates, woven mesh sieve plates, and slotted sieve plates.

Vibrating screen manufacturers can design and produce corresponding vibrating screens according to user needs. The vibrating screen deck of the wooden frame structure, which has the characteristics of relatively low price, light weight and convenient replacement of the screen, is generally used in the DZSF type linear vibrating screen. It can also add bouncing balls to increase the penetration rate, effectively prevent the screen from clogging, and is suitable for the screening of powdery materials.

Different materials , Different sieve plates should be used in different places to achieve the best screening effect.


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