What Are The Uses Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is can be used in construction, mine, coal field and other places can be screened, graded, dewatering, etc.. Therefore, for the use of vibrating screen is also very wide.
TSX vibrating screen has linear screen, banana screen, circular vibrating screen, flaccid screen, etc.

Each vibrating screen has its own unique usage, sieving is to sieve out the impurities in the material, or the material that is not compounded. Each kind of vibrating screen sieves the material is also very different, size, dry and wet degree, etc. The same is that they all rely on the exciter of the excitation motor to generate the excitation force, driving the sieve vibration for sieving, the material is stressed on the screen plate. The movement is carried out on it and then sieving is carried out.
TSX vibrating screen adopts cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and deflection block to adjust the vibration amplitude. The screen line is long and there are many sieve specifications. It can be widely used in mines, coal yards and gravel plants to achieve the expected purpose. All parts are made of high quality structural steel, and all of them are sandblasted and painted for anti-corrosion treatment. All the mating surfaces are waterproof. Sealed.

  Vibrating screen has many uses with the role of screening materials, screening impurities, material classification, filtering liquids, material dewatering, etc., with stable, energy-saving, low noise, long life screening efficiency; is a large machine indispensable for screening operations, construction operations.

For dry materials and wet materials screening can meet the demand. For high moisture, there is a sticky material is not good screening materials for screening.



TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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