What Are The Vibrating Screen Components?

Vibrating screen components as a whole is relatively simple, mainly by the screen body vibration box/horizontal shaft, vibrating screen composition Components vibration part, can screen the medium, support frame and drive unit, the design is also very reasonable,  drive shaft or shock spring, transmission device and other components. The screen is fixed in the screen frame before the need to measure the width and length of the screen frame, fixed after the installation on the vibrating screen.

Vibrating screen mesh material is divided into 3 kinds: 316L, 316, 304, and according to the different screening materials, should choose a different screen, after this also need to install a support at the exit, so as to make a simple vibrating screen.

But in fact, there are a lot of standards for the production of vibrating screen, to be strict with manufacturers, to be meticulous. Vibrating screen components also include bearings, which are the support points of vibrating motors or shakers. They are the key components of vibrating screen equipment.

The damping spring is also a vibrating screen component whose role is to make the vibrating screen, so that the vibrating screen to achieve the due vibration, during this period but also to reduce the load in the transfer process or operation process.

The screen body and screen plate of the vibrating screen are welded, or the use of bolt welding, note that the applicable is not ordinary bolts, but high strength bolts, otherwise can not be fixed. According to different working forms, the installation of the vibrating screen can be divided into two forms: one is in the upper part of the screen box.

Another is at the bottom of the screen frame. The role of the vibrating screen is to produce vibration, and is the most important main component, the installation of the shaker will directly affect the work of the vibrating screen track and vibration effect.


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