What Are The Vibrating Screen Mesh Size?

Many customers do not understand the relationship between the number of vibrating screen mesh and particle size of the knowledge, in the selection of vibrating screen equipment, screen selection process is confused. Usually, mesh number x pore size (micron number) =15000, such as 200 mesh size of 75 micron.

However, because the silk used in weaving is different thickness, different national standards are not the same, at present, there are three kinds of commonly used standards such as the United States, Britain, Japan, among which the American and British standard is relatively close, the Japanese standard is quite different, our country widely uses the American standard. 50 mesh is 50 holes per square inch, 500 mesh is 500, the higher the number of holes, the more holes.

In addition to the screen hole, it is also used to express the particle size through the screen, the higher the mesh number, the smaller the particle size, the standard screen needs to match the standard vibrating screen machine to accurately measure. The particle size of the powder is called the particle size.

In different countries, different industries screen specifications have different standards, so the meaning of “purpose” is difficult to unify. At present, the international comparison margin is used to calculate the diameter of the equivalent volume particles to indicate the particle size. It is expressed in μm or mm.Sieve diameter (μm)≈14832.4/ mesh number of sieve

Unit of measurement particle size refers to the size of the raw material particle, generally expressed by the maximum length of the particle. Mesh is the size of the mesh size of a standard screen. In the Taylor standard screen, the mesh is the number of screens in the 2.54 cm (1 inch) length and is simply called the mesh.


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