What Are The Vibrating Screen Parts?

At present, the vibrating screen is mainly used in chemical , mining, metallurgy and other industries. Know the role we want to know whether to buy industrial vibrating screen is suitable for our work, that is, to know the vibrating screen model specifications, vibrating screen mainly has high frequency screen, circular vibrating screen, banana screen and horizontal vibrating screen.

To clarify the purpose, the vibrating screen is actually a screening device, can be applied to any particle, powder and viscous slime or material vibrating screen machine.

The screen is fixed in the screen frame before the need to measure the width and length of the screen frame, fixed after the installation on the vibrating screen. Then you need to install a bracket at the outlet, but also install the horizontal vibration motor on the shaker, so as to make a simple vibrating screen.

Vibrating screen structure: generally by the drive, side plate, vibrator, vibration beam, lifting beam, beam, damping spring and sieve plate composition. Vibrating screens are divided into ZDQ and RDQ series, dual axis and single axis. Damping springs allow the entire upper part of the machine to vibrate freely, which minimizes power consumption, prevents any vibration from being transmitted to the floor, and reduces noise.

Vibrating motor: This motor causes the vibrating screen to produce a multi-plane vibration, which increases the speed of the material through the various screens. Screen: Holds tension and makes it easier for the material to move in the direction of vibration. This can be either horizontal or vertical. A machine can achieve both positive and gentle material separation.

Vibrating screen is mainly used in mining, quarrying, material classification, chemical industry and other industries to separate materials and transport materials of a kind of equipment. vibrating screen application is widely used, but there are also large viscosity, blockage, wear and unequal distribution of screening materials has been and exists for a long time is very common.

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