What Are The Vulnerable Conditions Of The Parts Of The Vibrating Screen?

  1. Coupling reaction

The vibrators on both sides of the vibrating screen are connected by universal joints. When replacing, please note that the joint surface of the universal joints is flat. The universal joint is dynamically balanced at the factory, and the flatness of the coupling is directly related to the amplitude of the vibrating screen.

During replacement, the eccentric body of the exciter shall be naturally sagged, and the universal joint shall be connected and fixed with the coupling of the exciter. The difference in the position of the threaded hole is adjusted by adjusting the position of the spline. It should be noted that the length of the coupling and the length of the spline should be reasonably selected to avoid insufficient coupling length or spline seizure.

  1. Rubber buffer spring

Each rubber buffer spring can be used for about 15~20 months, depending on the model and size of the screen machine. The temperature of the machine during operation must not exceed 45. When replacing the rubber spring, please pay attention to the spring constant that the height of the rubber spring at the inlet of the filter screen is close to that at the outlet, so that the buffer rubber spring can be used correctly and is not easily damaged.

When replacing the rubber spring, please replace the rubber spring on the front and rear parallel lines at the same time, and pay attention to avoid inconsistent aging degree of the rubber spring, which may lead to amplitude change.

  1. Hold the sieve

If cracks are found, it is not easy to repair them by welding, but the drill shall be coated with steel plate and fixed with screws. The main reason is that the local heat during welding will change the stress and material of ethmoid bone and make it more fragile.

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