What Are TheTSX Shaking Screen Equipment?

The following to introduce the two important parts of the shaking screen equipment – screen frame and sealing ring. High efficiency linear shaking screen is coated in the screen frame with high performance, teflon coating, the coating combines heat resistance, chemical inertia and excellent insulation stability and low friction, with other coatings can not match the comprehensive advantages, its flexibility makes it can be used in almost all shapes and sizes of equipment.

Horizontal Sand Mesh Sieve Sieve Bends Sand Mesh Sieve

First we introduce the sieve box, screen commonly used material is carbon steel and stainless steel two: with stainless steel sieve box is mainly used for the screening of the material has higher provisions, do not contact with the metal coating coating materials in the sieve box is needed, common – cobalt acid lithium lithium battery materials, some manufacturer of high precision cobalt acid lithium rules inside the iron content of finished product, This situation in addition to the use of special in addition to iron, but also stipulated that the linear shaking screen internal contact with the material.

The sealing ring is an indispensable wearing part in the shaking screen, the sealing ring is commonly divided into U type and V type, mainly in the mother mesh frame and dust cover above, the sealing ring is to better seal the connection between the shaking screen frame, prevent material leakage, and reduce the vibration screen in the vibration of the screen frame damage. The commonly used materials of the sealing ring are rubber sealing ring, silicone sealing ring and polyurethane sealing ring.

Single shaft shaker and double shaft shaker vibrator, according to the eccentric reconfiguration mode to distinguish – there are two types. Block eccentricity is a better way of configuration.

Sieve on the rotation of the heavy hammer screen surface to produce planar rotary vibration, and under the rotation of the heavy hammer screen surface to produce conical rotary vibration, the effect of the combined effect of the screen surface to produce complex rotary vibration.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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