What Are TheTSX Vibrating Screen Operations?

The operation steps of the vibrating screen are as follows.

① Check whether the spring and screws are loose before starting the machine; Whether the oil quantity between bearings meets the requirements; Whether the screen body and spring have cracks; Whether the V-belt is worn or broken; Check whether the screen opening is clean, whether there is broken or blocked, and close the air valve of the dust remover before starting the equipment.

② When interlocking is started“Pre start”

After the signal is sent, the accident switch can be closed, and the equipment can be started with the system.

③ In case of non interlocking operation, the equipment can be started individually.

④ After the vibrating screen operates normally, open the fan damper.

⑤ Normal shutdown shall be carried out uniformly by the operation panel.

⑥ Under the non interlocking working system, press the stop button beside the machine to stop the machine after the material inside the screen has gone, and then cut off the accident switch.

  1. Routine inspection before startup

Before each use, it is necessary to conduct a deep inspection on the status of the shale shaker to see whether the starting device is in good condition, whether the contact surface with the ground is stable, whether the bolts at all parts are tightened, whether the spring parts are missing or broken, and whether the screen is damaged. At the same time, check whether the lubricating oil inside the exciter is sufficient. If the lubricating oil is insufficient, add lubricating oil in time. Check and clean the impurities on the screen surface to avoid starting with load.

  1. Keep attention in use

During the use, pay attention to the operating state of the vibrating screen at any time, and observe whether the overall operation of the shale shaker is stable, whether the moving parts have impact and friction, and whether the exciter has abnormal sound. In addition, special attention should be paid to the feeding link to ensure that the feeder can feed evenly and avoid the accumulation of materials due to uneven feeding, which will affect the screening accuracy and efficiency.

In case of tripping, abnormal noise and other faults during operation, stop the machine for inspection in time, cut off the power supply during maintenance and adjustment, contact the central control room and take necessary safety precautions.

  1. Arrange at any time after shutdown

Stop feeding first, and then stop the machine after the screening of materials on the screen surface is completed. After shutdown, the equipment shall be cleaned and wiped, the work site shall be cleaned and sorted out, the lubricating device shall be checked, and the connectors and fasteners at all parts shall be checked. If any looseness is found, it shall be tightened in time, and the operation, lubrication, maintenance and inspection records shall be filled in.

Seeing this, we believe that you have mastered the correct operation method of the vibrating screen. Hi Tech Machinery reminds you again that only by selecting qualified shale shaker products with qualified performance and operating according to the standard during use can the service life of the shale shaker be extended and better screening effect be achieved.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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