What Are TSX Vibrating Screen Applications?

Vibrating screen is an important type of industrial screening equipment. There are many types of mechanical screening solutions for screening, recycling and aggregate applications throughout solid materials; however, vibrating screens have unique advantages that make them the first choice for a large number industrial plant applications.

Regardless of the type of machine style, the principle is the same: the vibration breaks the surface tension between the particles, which in turn forces them to separate. The small particles in the sieved material fall off the screen surface. This is an important application in many construction mining and other industries.

TSX vibrating screen application is suitable for dry and wet screening in various industries such as mining, metallurgy, casting, abrasive, building materials, cement, chemical industry, fertilizer, medicine, light industry, leather, paper making, food, sugar, salt making and grain processing, as well as the separation and recovery of solids in liquid and wastewater screening and recycling. A large number screening machinery is taking on the difficult task of classification, dewatering, and even sorting by quality.

In terms of coal processing, screening technology is also particularly important, the use of screening machinery can make the production of particle size, moisture and ash indicators to reach the user requirements of coal products, but also in the realization of the rational use of coal resources and protection of the environment and coal enterprises to create economic benefits, etc., are playing an important role.


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