What Aspects Can You Know About The Vibration Screen?

  1. Look at the screening purpose

Vibroation screening requirements in different fields vary greatly, generally available.It is divided into mineral vibration screen, light fine vibration screen, test.Vibrating screen, in the purchase of vibrating screen, the first thing to be clear screening.

Sub-purpose. If it is used in mining, coal and other industries, the screening amount is large, screening grain size is large, generally choose linear vibration.Dynamic screen, mining vibrating screen and other large screening equipment: if is used for food, medicine and other industries, particles are relatively small, need rotating sieve, ultrasonic screening, airflow screening and other equipment; if it is used for the laboratory, need more accurate screening data, this time need more accurate experimental screening equipment.

  1. Look at the material characteristics and the usage environment

Screening material use environment and material characteristics are different, required.The type of  Vibrating screen required is also different. If used outdoors, you should ensure the work situation in bad weather, and pay attention to the ring guaranteed cost.

Sien the material size, density, temperature, and viscosity.Degree, corrosion and other factors, all affect the selection of  Vibrating screen.Purchase, if the material is corrosive, should be selected with special prevention.Corruption material made of vibration sieve, at this time is very test vibration.Customized production capacity of moving screen manufacturers.

  1. Look at the special needs

After the introduction of the “double-carbon” policy, environmental protection issues have become common for many enterprises.You have to face the problem, if the pollution is discharged.If the quantity is not up to the standard, the production cannot start.

It is recommended that everyone be there when choosing, you should pay attention to the environmental protection performance of the vibrating screen, with the key point.Note whether dust and noise pollution will occur during use.Dyeing, whether energy-saving and environmental protection, whether the maintenance process is convenient. In addition, intelligence is another innovative focus of vibrating screen, equipped with intelligent operating system of vibration screen separate.Prepare, can be adjusted according to material characteristics, predict in advance.In general, as long as starting from their own screening needs, right

There is no error when filtering the purchase. Some strong, experienced manufacturers, will also put forward more professional opinions, to assist users to buy suitable vibration screening equipment.


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