What Condition Does The TSX Vibrating Screen Quit Working?

As a main equipment of sand and gravel production line, the daily use of circular vibrating screen is also extremely important. Although the round vibrating screen is the supporting equipment of the whole production line, its shutdown or failure will directly cause the shutdown of our production line and affect our production efficiency

  1. Shaft fracture is a common fault in the use of circular shale shaker, which will cause the circular shale shaker to stop working immediately and the maintenance is complicated. We should pay attention to this. There are many reasons for shaft fracture, and the key points are as follows:

Circular vibrating screen

③ The material of bearing is weak.

Material is one of the main reasons. If the material is weak, it will certainly lead to low torsional and compressive strength and ductile damage.

② The support force of V-belt is too large.

If the supporting force is too large, the shaft will be damaged in ductility. Even if the shaft is not damaged in ductility, the internal power of the shaft will be significantly enhanced, prompting the shaft to be damaged in fatigue earlier.

  1. Rolling bearing temperature is too high

Although the temperature of rolling bearing is too high, it will not cause damage immediately, but if the long-term high temperature weather, it will certainly cause great harm to the service life of rolling bearing. There are two key reasons for high temperature:

  1. Drive system fault

Once the transmission system failure occurs, the machine and equipment will not be able to be used, thus seriously endangering production and manufacturing. In addition, the common faults of the transmission system are also complicated, and there are great difficulties in the maintenance.

Common failures include damage to the flexible disc coupling, disconnection of the connecting screws of the maintenance cylinder, cracking of the maintenance cylinder, damage to the rolling bearing of the belt pulley with seat bearing, and tearing of the petal shaped transmission belt.

  1. After starting the power supply, the machine cannot be started

After the fault occurs, check the following parts to find out the cause of the fault, whether the cable is not connected, whether the power switch is not opened or damaged, whether the circuit is connected normally, whether the power fuse is damaged, etc. Once the fault is found, it should be timely submitted to the maintenance personnel for maintenance.

  1. After startup, the screen has no vibration

In case of this problem, you can check whether the connection between the power supply and the converter is open circuit, whether the transducer is damaged or loose, and use a multimeter to check the connectivity between the cables and plugs.

  1. Small vibration amplitude and weak screen surface vibration

The reason for this problem may be that the insulation value of the cable and plug is not enough, the transducer is not locked, the screen is installed incorrectly, and the frequency of the resonator or support strip is misadjusted. You can check according to the above to find out the problem and solve it.

  1. The transducer is overheated

In the process of equipment operation, if the transducer overheats, it is necessary to stop the equipment, check whether the contact part between the transducer and the screen is tightened, and whether there is material residue at the transducer probe. If so, it is necessary to stop the machine to tighten the transducer or clean up the residue. If there is a problem with the transducer, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer to replace the transducer that meets the specifications.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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