What Do We Know About The Disadvantages Of Vibrating Screen?

The classification of vibrating screen, we commonly have linear screen, circular vibrating screen, arc screen, etc. before both belong to the inertia vibrating screen, that is, we are used to referred to as the vibrating screen.

High Frequency Sand Mesh Sieve Sieve Bends Sand Mesh Sieve

1, vibrating screen machine high efficiency, light quality, complete and diverse series, many levels, for dry material screening can meet the needs.

2, simple structure, convenient dismantling screen surface.

3, screening per ton of material consumption of less energy

The second is the disadvantages:

1, for high moisture, adhesion material, the model is not suitable, vibration when working to make the material more tightly adhered to the screen surface, resulting in material congestion or forced to stop.

  1. Due to the limitation of working principle, the energy consumption of this machine is relatively high, especially in the condition of large output.
  2. The working noise and dust are heavy.

Special reminder is the maintenance of vibrating screen extension: regular check of the coarse mesh, fine mesh and spring without fatigue and damage, body parts are due to vibration and damage

Bad, need to add lubricating oil parts must be lubricated.

  1. Screen blocking

At this time, should clean the sieve hole, and then adjust the amount of water spray and screen surface inclination.

5.screen surface inclination is not enough

For circular vibrating screen, screening effect is not good enough, the most common reason is that the screen surface Angle for this need padding after bearing seat, the practical application of the sieve surface inclination at 20 ° more appropriate, general circular vibrating screen is 16 ~ 20 ° inclination of the selected range, if less than 16 ° inclination, oversize occurs the phenomenon of poor material or material scroll up.

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