What Does A TSX Linear Sieving Machine Look Like?

Linear sieve machine screen body into a straight line, so called linear sieve, linear sieve function is grading, desliming, desliming, the use of slit screen plate can also be used for dewatering, the use of stainless steel screen surface screen plate including (woven, perforated, slit, etc.) and full polyurethane screen plate, linear sieve exciter selection ZDQ series exciter, feed size: 0-300mm suitable for content of large, medium-sized coal and non-coal material classification.

The material of linear sieve machine enters the feed port of the sieve machine from the feed port evenly and several graded products are produced through the multi-layer sieve, and different materials will be discharged at the discharge port.

The overall screen surface of the linear vibrating screen is composed of several independently vibrating screen boxes with the screen surface connected at the head and tail, each screen box is installed on the support frame by damping springs, and the motor is connected to the vibrator on the screen box; the screen surface in each screen box is composed of multiple linear screen plates.

The screen surface in each screen box is composed of multiple linear screen plates installed side by side, with high opening rate of the screen surface and high vibration strength, which can effectively remove the materials stuck in the screen slit and make the screening machine have large processing capacity and high screening efficiency. It can be widely used to screen various materials of wet and fine particle size.
 TSX linear vibrating screen manufactures linear motion screening machines with top or bottom mounted drives to meet extreme requirements. It is suitable for machines with wide areas or extremely large particle feeds. These machines can also meet high feed temperatures and low residual moisture requirements.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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