What does coal machine vibrating screen do?

The coal machine vibrating screen is a large screening equipment used for impurity removal, screening, desliming and medium removal of coal.

  1. Our company recommends that you make a support frame to hang the spare screen Check the pressing device of the screen frame every shift, and press it if it is loose.
  2. The screen frame shall be taken out frequently, and the screen surface shall be checked regularly for damage or unevenness, and the screen hole shall be checked for blockage. Periodic inspection of vibrating screen: periodic inspection of vibrating screen includes weekly inspection and monthly inspection Vibrating screen repair.
  3. We recommend that the vibrating screen should be inspected regularly for a long time, and when problems are found in the vibrating screen, it should be repaired immediately. The repair of vibrating screen includes timely adjustment of tension of triangle belt, replacement of new belt, replacement of worn screen surface and longitudinal spacer strip, replacement of damping spring, replacement of rolling bearing, transmission gear and seal, replacement of damaged bolts, repair of damage of screen frame components, etc.
  4. After the vibrating screen is disassembled, check the wear of the rolling bearing, check the gear tooth surface of the shale shaker, check the connection of each component, clean the lubrication circuit in the box of the shale shaker to make it smooth, remove the attachments on each joint surface, and replace all seals and other damaged parts of the shale shaker.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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