What Does The TSX Vibrating Screen Diagram Look Like? 

TSX is an excellent exporter of vibrating screen, with a variety of sieve types among which are banana sieve, linear sieve, arc sieve, high frequency sieve, Flip-Flop sieve, etc. TSX vibrating screen features: light overall weight of the sieve machine, low energy consumption, low running noise, maintenance-free.

Sieve Bends Sand Mesh Sieve
Sieve body structure: finite element analysis method is adopted to make the structure design reasonable, eliminate stress concentration, avoid resonance, improve the reliability of the sieve machine, and run smoothly.
Among them, linear sieve and banana sieve are used for grading, desliming and disintermediation, circular vibration sieve is used for grading, Chi Zhang sieve can screen viscous materials, high frequency sieve and arc sieve are used for dewatering.

Today sieves are very versatile and can be used in about every industry, but the requirements for vibrating screens are different, with requirements for corrosion resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, and there will be requirements for frequency and sieving fineness.

As the main equipment for the recovery and dewatering of coal, sand and minerals, the high performance vibrating screen provides efficient, high quality screening. It offers the advantages of efficient operation, simple operation and customizability.

Vibrating screen machines all throw the material on the top layer and drop it directly. Material smaller than the screen aperture will pass through the screen aperture into the lower layer. The material screened out by the continuous screening motion of the vibrating screen will be discharged through the screen holes, and this is how the vibrating screen operates.
Each different type of vibrating screen has different styles, and the following are pictures of them.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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