What Does The TSX Vibration Screen Angle Mean?

The components of the vibration screen are very complex, and each part is very important, and so is the vibration sieve Angle, and then let’s take a closer look at the vibration screen Angle.

At first,the vibrating screen angle between the surface and the ground is called vibration direction angle. Direction Angle vibration value, the throwing distance of each movement is too short, the forward in the plane, and the slow movement of the material surface can be fully screened, so as to achieve higher efficiency.

The smaller the value, each casting, screening and material Material processing capacity, faster, higher, but there is not enough material screening. Therefore, we should choose the vibration reasonably Direction angle, used for material and vibration direction angle shall be large The Angle is easy to screen.

The sieve surface tilt Angle of the horizontal sieve surface is called the sieve surface. The size of the screening surface angle is closely related to the ability and efficiency of the screening equipment.

When the Angle is larger, the screen will increase the material strength and the movement speed of the screen surface, improve productivity, but the vibrating screen equipment surface material, reduces the time of particles, thus reducing the efficiency of the screening screen. Instead, improve production capacity to reduce screening efficiency. In order to optimize the separation efficiency of the vibration sieve equipment, the angle should be controlled in the 5- -25 range, generally between the sieve sieve surface Tilting is made between 0-8.

The ejection angle of vibration sieve equipment also has a direct influence on the surface material screening. The ejection strength of the material plays an important role in the separation effect of the vibrating screen equipment on the screening surface.

Generally speaking, when the material ejection intensity becomes larger, the greater the inertia force of the particle is subjected to, and the higher the material is thrown. In this way, it is conducive to the material screening, but also constrained by the strength of the sieve box structure: if the ejection intensity is too large, it will inevitably affect the premature damage of the sieve box and shorten the service life.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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