What Does TSX Vibrating Screen Do?

TSX Vibrating screen is used to separate objects (such as marble of various sizes) at the top of the sieve. the whole machine oscillates in a gentle circular motion so that the material is sieved through the sieve and any impurity is separated. Thus, balls of various sizes move slowly on the multi-layer screen, usually with the largest hole in the top layer, as they move down, gradually become smaller.

As a result, the shot has been collected, sorted by size, and any dirt and excess materials will be wiped off. The amplitude of the vibration can be adjusted to be softer for delicate materials and more forceful for harder items.

As a professional mining equipment manufacturer, TSX Vibrating screen always offers the best mining products to meet your various needs. works well in our client’s mine. pay attention to the vibrating sieve, at the bottom We introduce it according to the transmission mode and sieve layer.

The more you plan to classify the products, the more you need to sift the surface. The most immediate symptom of a screen getting too small is reduced efficiency because it simply cannot fit too many particles through the opening.

On the other hand, the smaller the classification size, the more surface is required, because the smaller the holes, the less products they can pass through.

As with any sorting machine, the full width of the working surface must be fully utilized in the Screen from the start of operation. if the product is “accumulated” on the screen surface, then before the screen surface disappears due to vibration, the particles on the top of the screen surface will not come into contact with the screen or its elements. when this happened, she was already halfway across the surface.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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