What Else Do You Know Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

The vibrating screen is generally divided into fine screening and mining screening equipment. They know little about the structure and components of the vibrating screen. The equipment principle and structure of the vibrating screen are introduced below. Large mining vibrating screen usually consists of three parts: the exciter, the working body and the elastic element: the exciting force that produces periodic changes makes the working body produce continuous vibration.

The commonly used vibrators are inertia type, elastic connecting rod type, electromagnetic type, hydraulic or pneumatic type, etc. Fine screening vibrating screen is also a small vibrating screen, such as rotary vibrating screen, straight screen and other small equipment will not be introduced.

The screen machine is simple in structure and convenient in maintenance; The tire coupling is used for flexible connection and stable operation; High screening efficiency, large processing capacity and long service life.

Vibrating screen is a linear vibrating screen, which is mainly used to deal with medium and fine sized waste materials, such as dry and wet screening or dehydration, disintermediation, desliming, etc. This equipment has been widely used in coal preparation industry, mineral processing industry, building materials industry, power generation industry, chemical industry and other sectors.

Features of vibrating screen

  1. The exciter is of block eccentric self synchronous type with strong exciting force.
  2. The transmission mechanism is composed of belt elastic coupling and universal coupling, with good screening effect.
  3. With novel structure and advanced technology, the working stability and service life of the whole machine have been greatly improved.

The first step of the shale shaker before being transported to the destination for use is to remove the transportation support. In order to prevent the damage of the shale shaker caused by the swing of the screen body and the collision with the carriage during transportation, the transportation support frame will be installed between the base of the shale shaker and the box when leaving the factory to fix the vibrating screen and prevent the collision.

The transportation support needs to be removed before the shale shaker is put into use, and the shale shaker will be powered on directly without removing the transportation support frame, The linear screen will move irregularly, which is easy to cause personal injury.

As long as the customer pays a little attention to the small problems we mentioned, he believes that the equipment will operate normally even after a long journey, avoiding unnecessary trouble for production.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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