What Is A Coil Spring For TSX Vibrating Screen?

The TSX vibrating screen mainly consists of a screen body, an exciter, and a screen plate. The exciter vibrates the screen body and the screen plate, thus causing the material to vibrate and to be screened according to the gravity and inertia of the material.

In the process of screening, the vibration of the screen body will give a great force to the vibrating screen base, at this time, the buffer spring connected in front of the screen body and the base plays a great role.

The TSX vibrating screen body and the mounting base are buffered by a steel spiral spring. The stiffness of the buffer spring is small, so that the dynamic load on the base is reduced, and the vibration reduction efficiency is more than 98%; the wire diameter of the buffer spring is sufficient, so that the spring is more fatigue resistant and not easy to break.

TSX vibrating screen is light in weight, low in energy consumption, low in transit noise and maintenance free. All components are sandblasted and painted to prevent corrosion and all mating surfaces are watertight and sealed to suit the harsh environment of the site.

The sieves can be specially designed according to the customer’s special requirements and are supplied assembled on site. Each sifter is tested for static and dynamic performance before leaving the factory using special instruments to ensure that the product is qualified.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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