What Is A Double Deck Vibrating Screen?

Double deck vibrating screen is a screening machine composed of two deck of screen plate. In general, the upper sieve plate has a smaller surface area than the lower sieve plate. This type of screening machine can remove the larger material from the material and send the larger material to the processing plant for further processing.

Double deck vibrating screen can also be customized and designed according to the specific needs of customers and application scenarios. The screen plate of the double deck vibrating screen is also made of different kinds of materials, including stainless steel and polyurethane.

The difference between single deck vibrating screen and double deck vibrating screen:

The first is the screening of different materials, single deck vibrating screen can only be used for a kind of material screening work, can not carry out a variety of and double deck screening at the same time. However,double deck of vibrating screen can be used for a variety of materials or a variety of situations of a single material screening work, more suitable for complex and difficult screening work.

There is a difference in processing capacity, whether single deck vibrating screen or double deck vibrating screen their processing capacity is determined by the diameter of the screen plate, but because of the stability and safety of the vibrating screen, the diameter of the single deck vibrating screen will be higher than the double deck vibrating screen, because of this, the output of the single deck vibrating screen will be higher than the double deck vibrating screen.

The delivery of materials is different, the delivery of materials is to determine the service life and output of the vibrating screen. Because the single deck vibrating screen only needs to deal with one kind of material, so when there is only one kind of material, the amount of material delivered can be properly increased, will not cause blockage of the screen.


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