What Is A Mining Screen?

Although all the screening equipment used in mines appear as “supporting role”, it plays a vital role. Each mine production line will be equipped with one or more sets. At present, there are various kinds of screening equipment for mining on the market. In order to enable users to better select, the engineers of the Mining Machinery Home recommend several commonly used screening equipment.

Use of screening equipment

Before introducing the types of mining screening equipment, let’s briefly understand the uses of the lower screening equipment:

  1. Cooperate with crushing operation to conduct pre screening and inspection screening, and prepare screening before sorting operation;
  2. After the material is crushed, it is divided into various particle size products for independent screening;
  3. Auxiliary operations such as dehydration, desliming and media removal.

Operation site of screening equipment

Recommended vibrating screen equipment for common mines

At present, the screening equipment commonly used in concentrators mainly includes vibrating screen, fixed screen and roller screen.

  1. Fixed sieve

As the name implies, fixed screen is a screening equipment with fixed screen surface, which is commonly used for pre screening before material crushing, and the size of screen hole is generally not less than 50mm. During installation, the angle of inclination is generally 35 ° – 45 °. The specific degree of inclination depends on the nature of the material. For example, when dealing with viscous materials, the angle of inclination can reach about 50 °.

Fixed grid screen and bar screen

During the operation of the fixed screen, the materials are inclined to the high end. Without any external force, the materials use their own weight to pass through the sieve openings, and the sieve is divided into two particle sizes, namely, the material on the sieve larger than the sieve opening and the material under the sieve smaller than the sieve opening.

The screening efficiency of fixed screen is low, generally only about 50% – 60%. Especially when dealing with viscous materials with large water content, the screen mesh is very easy to block. Since the fixed screen has no moving parts during operation and its structure is very simple, the equipment investment cost is relatively low. 

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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