What Is A Round Vibrating Screen?

In the metallurgical industry sector, the concentrator generally uses the circular vibrating screen to prescreen and check the ore and uses the vibrating subdivision screen to grade the products of the mill, to improve the concentrate grade.

In the coal industry sector, the vibrating screen is commonly used as the dehydration and disintermediation of clean coal and tail coal, especially for the classification of wet fine coal particles with moisture content of 7% – 14% below 6mm, the high-frequency screen is used to solve the dehydration problem, The smaller the mesh fineness of the screen surface, the better the effect.

In the water conservancy and power departments, thermal power plants and other coal prescreening is achieved through high-frequency vibrating screens; In the dam foundation construction project of large hydropower stations, such as the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project, various types of vibrating screens are required to grade the sand and gravel required for different particle sizes; in the traffic construction, the cleaning and initial mud of railway ballast are screened, and the sand and gravel used for asphalt concrete are screened. The vibrating screen has played an important role in the highway construction.

Features of TSX circular vibrating screen:

  1. The structure is simple, and it is convenient to replace the screen surface and overhaul.
  2. The strong vibration of the screen box reduces the phenomenon that materials block the screen hole, and the screening efficiency is high, and the processing capacity is strong.
  3. Thin oil lubrication, low noise, long service life.
  4. Single motor has 2 bearings, and the shaft is eccentric.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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