What Is A TSX Banana Vibrating Screen Used For?

First, the use of banana sieve

Banana sieve, with a sieve in the name, is a kind of screening equipment. But it is not a sieve of bananas, but a new mining screening equipment, can dry sieve can also wet sieve, can replace our regular tilting screen and horizontal screen work.

Banana sieve special shape, can be used for fine grain (particle diameter is less than half of the sieve hole size) content of large and medium grain material classification, can also be used in dehydration, desliming, desliming and other operations.

Second, the working principle of banana sieve

Banana screen is named for its special shape, the feeding end slope is large, under normal circumstances is 34 degrees, with the forward decline of the material, the slope is more and more slow, until the discharge port, the slope drops to about 10 degrees, so from the side like a banana.

The design of decreasing slope makes the flow rate of the material different in different stages of the screen.

Before installation, it is necessary to check whether the parts are intact and complete, and the screening machine installation base for comprehensive cleaning and inspection. The embedded steel plate under the four spring support seat must be in the same horizontal plane.

When the vibration isolation frame is in place, the vibration isolation spring can be adjusted to a vertical state with the upper and lower supporting surface before the spring seat and the lower embedded steel plate welding. When welding, only the two sides of the spring can be welded, and the two ends of the spring seat can not be welded.

Vibration isolation spring before installation, should be the size and steel value to check, to ensure that the stiffness and height of each spring to keep consistent, spring installation, all springs and the upper and lower support surface to maintain vertical. Vibrator and screen box in the factory has been installed, and shipped together, the installation site must be inspected on the original assembly, and re-tighten the connection.

Before, our technology does not reach the designated position, producing banana screen or small models, or produce large equipment but quality is poor, can only rely on imports, but after scientific research personnel of unremitting efforts, now we can also produce all kinds of model size, the quality of the banana screen, if you just need to expand production, also not enough space, is inferior to try the banana screen!


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